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Criminal Defense  • Personal Injury

Attorney Krowski Jr. is regarded as one of the pre-eminent trial attorneys in Massachusetts. His aggressive and persuasive approach to litigation continues to produce real results for his clients.

Message From Attorney Joseph F. Krowski, Jr. Attorney At Law

Trust is all about keeping my clients informed during every step of the legal process. Trust means letting my clients know what to expect, days, if not months, before a scheduled hearing. Trust starts by proving myself to my clients, which can involve explaining difficult legal concepts in a clear manner and being open at all times about the possible consequences of a legal proceeding.

With your future on the line, you need an attorney you can trust. Whether you’re facing criminal charges or need a civil litigator to represent you, we’re the law office that can help. Contact us today!

Joseph F. Krowski Jr.

Attorney at Law

Criminal Defense

Attorney Krowski has more than 20 years of experience representing high profile clients accused of a wide range of criminal offenses. He has a reputation as one of the best and toughest attorneys presently practicing law in Massachusetts. A reputation earned in courtrooms throughout the state where he has won Not Guilty verdicts for clients charged with offenses including Murder, Drug Trafficking, illegal Firearm’s possession, Money Laundering, Rape and OUI.

Personal Injury

Accidents and other kinds of negligence can often be life changing.   Attorney Krowski Jr. represents individuals on a contingency fee basis to get them the compensation that they deserve. Whether it be fighting hard to obtain a settlement or taking the case to trial, he has the resources and skill to get you what you deserve. If you or someone you know has unfortunately been involved in an accident or suffered injury due to someone else’s negligence, please contact Attorney Krowski Jr. for a free consultation.

Real Results

As a Massachusetts licensed criminal defense lawyer who litigates cases in both state and federal courtrooms, Joseph F. Krowski JR. has earned not guilty verdicts for clients that faced the following criminal charges:

Murder • Capital murder • Manslaughter • Attempted murder • Rape • Drug trafficking • Money laundering • Home invasion • OUI • & many more

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